Our company Zamek Hlubos z.u. (NGO) was founded to spread the legacy of President Tomas Garrigue Masaryk and the values ​​he represented. Our goal is for the center, facilities and symbol of this mission to be Hlubos Chateau, which served as the first summer residence of TGM.

The chateau complex has been a center of education and progress since the 18th century. One of the oldest botanical gardens in Europe was built here. The fact that it was a real jewel is also proved by two visits of Emperor Francis I.

The history of the castle was as turbulent as the history itself. The greatest devastation was experienced by the chateau complex as well as our entire society during the communist era. The effort to erase all the remains of Masaryk's legacy in Hluboš was not realized thanks to the efforts of many people. In the 1990s, much of the work on restoring the collections was done by restituent families. But in the last ten years, the building has fallen into disrepair and we are at the beginning again.

We believe that thanks to you at the happy beginning ...

We will use financial donations for the purchase and renovation of the complex and its gradual opening to the public.


You can provide financial support on the basis of a donation contract (it is necessary to contact the director of Zámek Hluboš z.ú.), by purchasing commemorative medals on our e-shop, or by sending any amount to the public collection account with your name in the note for recipients: 2109202051/5500 

IBAN: CZ1755000000002109202051  SWIFT: RZBCCZPP

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