Vision and goals

Hluboš Chateau - an important educational and cultural center with an emphasis on the historical and social significance of the personality of Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk.

A space open to anyone who respects values such as freedom, integrity, leadership and public service.

Facilities for young people leaving orphanages, who will find primary employment and start-up housing here.

Our goals:

2021 purchase of the chateau complex

Stage I. interiors ... 2021 - 2025

- Renovation of toilets on the 1st floor

- Commissioning of the cinema café in the orangery

- Cleaning and basic maintenance of all five operational halls on the 1st floor and arcade corridor

- Lectures and discussion meetings, concerts in halls and in the garden

- Repair of the fresco hall + acquisition of the wing

- Renovation of TGM rooms - location of a permanent exhibition of coins and medals with the theme of Czech statehood

- Renovation of the arcade corridor

- Reconstruction of the hunting lounge

- Commissioning of integration flats in the management house

Stage I. exteriors ... 2021 - 2025

- Planting peacocks in the garden photogenic attraction,

- Stabilization of the roof of stables

- Commissioning of workshops needed for the castle grounds

- Garden care

- Repair of the garden staircase by the fresco hall

- Cleaning the pond

Stage II. ... 2023 - 2027

- Reconstruction of windows

- Fitting commissioned interiors with stylish equipment

- Renovation of a small hall by the terrace and installation of an exhibition

- Repair of the terrace

- Repair of the front arcade terrace + commissioning of a summer cafe

- Facade repair

- Repair of interiors in the chapel

Stage III. ... 2025 - 2030

- Reconstruction of the right wing

- Commissioning of the botany exposition (connected to the chateau garden)

- Construction of catering facilities (weddings, conferences)

- Reconstruction of the 2nd floor

- Fountain repair

- Restoration of the clock in the tower